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On this website we offer you all the informations on our firme and what we able to do.
We have different poles of activities who can help you to conquer the Cambodian market.

Confluences Incubator

Benefit from a strong support as well as user-friendly premises to launch your project in Cambodia and develop your network.

Confluences Logistics

We manages to understand your challenging demand to deliver, import or export your commodities from any country or region.

Confluences Consulting

A global network providing advisory services guaranteed by highly skilled consultants and specialists of the Cambodian market.

Confluences Distribution

Confluences Distribution proposes qualified salesman and Cambodian market acknowledge.

Meet Our Team

We are proud to introduce you the Confluences team !
We believe it's important for you to know who we are and how we approach our business.
Here you'll learn about the people, culture and capabilities that make our company unique.
If you want to know more about us, just follow the provided links.

Soreasmey KEBIN

General Manager


Logistics Manager

Monorith CHHEAN

Sales Executive

Lily HE


Julie THAI

Senior Consultant

Geoffroy DUPUIS

Trending Manager


Senior Consultant

Bertrand RENAUD

Senior Consultant
Hours Of Works
Hours Of Works
Hours Of Works

The office

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