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Flooding and Pollution Protection

2 L’Eau Protection provides consultancy, services and equipment to pro- tect commercial companies, industries, local communities and private home owner against flood or to contain chemical and pollution spillages.

They design, manufacture, supply and install bespoke engineered ood defences, including ood barriers, ood gates and ood doors. They also produce equipment for chemical spill containment.

Their flood defense products are manufactured and specified to extremely high standards, which means that they provide dependable and guaranteed flood prevention; some of our systems are either FM Approved or CE certified.

Their range of flood defense products can be used for virtually any situation; from surface water flash floods to deep water flooding. Their offer flood defenses that can be used to protect the smallest openings through to wide area defenses.

Their team of experts will be glad to study your case and offer you the suitable solutions for your buildings. In addition to supplying outstanding ood defense products, 2 L’Eau Protection provides a full range of professional services that can deliver a complete flood solution from identifying the most appropriate protection through to the installation and commissioning of flood products.

Visit their website: http://www.2leau-protection.com/

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