About Confluences

Founded in 2015 in Phnom Penh, Confluences is a company specializing in International Business Development in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. Within the context of global trade acceleration and ASEAN regional integration, Confluences is your ideal gateway to the Cambodian market and the neighboring countries. Our agency was created and is managed by bi-nationals entrepreneurs with a 15-years experience on-site. Through those years, we built a wide network of partners, experts, suppliers, distributors and high level connections, both within the private and public sector. Our dedicated team will provide you with a full portfolio of operational services to thoroughly support your project and business.

Confluences Consulting helps maximize your Cambodian investment
with the help of subject matter experts and provision of our most
trusted resources, ensuring the complete follow-up of your projects.

Confluences Incubator is not only intended for foreign companies in the
startup process but also for local or regional organizations, looking to
open an office in the Cambodian capital. It presents a 40 work-stations
capacity and 3 different accommodation packages (different prices,
work-station provision times).

Confluences Trading provides European industrial equipment
and solutions, assisting its clients from market
entry to long-term sales strategy. Confluences Logistics offers a onestop
solution for all of your shipping and transportation needs.