Confluences Consulting co-organizes a French construction pavilion

Interview of Claire Le Marois concerning the French pavilion at the Cambodia Construction Industry Expo

November 14, 2018

Good morning Claire, could you please introduce yourself?

Good morning, I am Claire Le Marois and I am 21. I am in second year of PGE (College Program) at EMlyon Business School, currently doing a 6-months internship with Confluences Consulting.

Could you please tell us more about the French pavilion at the Cambodia Construction Industry Expo?

This is one of the project in which I am directly involved. Confluences has been working in organizing this French pavilion in partnership with Business France and French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce. Our objective is to gather at once all the French actors of this very dynamic sector. Constructors, architects, manufacturers and their distributors will showcase their expertise under one pavilion.

There are several construction events in Cambodia along the year, but we choose this one under the Cambodia Construction Association (CCA), as we did notice several French companies were already present during the previous year. Actually this is the second year that we do organize such a national pavilion, and for this edition it is already a success as 8 exhibitors and 20 brands will be represented. To be noted that some French companies, like Legrand or ATS, have their own booths but are still supporting the pavilion.

What is the role of Confluences Consulting in this pavilion’s project?

Actually, the idea is ours. For 2 years, our Confluences Trading department was present at this fair, along our partner Legrand (as a reminder they have their national showroom at our ground floor). We did notice that only a few French companies were exposing, whereas many are active and successful in this market. For two years Legrand and Confluences have been joining forces with other players in the market (LBL or Archetype) in organizing regular networking events for our French colleagues in the sector. It was then logical for us to launch this project, trying to bring everyone under one pavilion.

Since the beginning the idea was supported both the French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce and Business France. It is to be noted that the pavilion, last year and this year, is hosting companies that are already present in Cambodia, and so members of the Chamber of commerce, and others that are looking for opportunities here, and are prospecting with the help of Business France or Confluences Consulting.

How will Confluences be represented this year on this French pavilion?

Our trading department is double-sizing its presence with two booths, one dedicated to our flooring offer with French brands Gerflor and Romus, our second booth will display all the other brands under our portfolio: fire protection ( Desautel), sport equipment (Sodex), flexible tanks (Labaronne Citaf) and sanitary products (Nicoll).

At the same time, our consulting team is bringing French but worldwide bridge constructor Matière to the pavilion, they are exploring the Cambodian market for the first time, looking for partners.

Also, Amereta one of the latest company to join our incubator will also display their smart home and IOT expertise under the pavilion. Last but not least, as for the previous years, Legrand and its team of distributors will animate its own dedicated booth.

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