Confluences supports ECAM LaSalle to launch first Sustainable Manufacturing double degree Engineering curriculum in 2021 in Cambodia. 

December 8, 2020


  • French #2 private Engineering graduate School ECAM LaSalle will launch the first Master degree Engineering program specialized in manufacturing 4.0 in September 2021 in tandem with Institut de Technologie du Cambodge (ITC)
  • This program aims to meet the needs of Industry 4.0 in Cambodia and South-East Asia by training students to incorporate digital technology into the manufacturing and logistics management processes with minimal environmental and social impact.
  • The 5 years curriculum will host 25 students in the first year (40 after) and deliver a dual diploma ECAM Engineering + Master’s from ITC.
  • ECAM LaSalle is partnering with Confluences to position this new program in the higher education sector landscape in Cambodia.

Confluences is proud to announce the launch of the first Master’s degree in sustainable manufacturing Engineering in Cambodia.  

About the curriculum 

This program is a new curriculum based on combined expertise from 2 reputed higher education institutions:  ECAM LaSalle and Institut de Technologie du Cambodge (ITC – the main engineering university in Cambodia).  

Starting September 2021, this 5year program will deliver double degree ECAM Engineering Master + Master from ITC. 

Developing experiential, practical, and professional skills (many lab classes, projects, and internships with the private sector), the curriculum will bring gradual technical and engineering specialization.  

Entirely taught in English, Cambodian students will also have the opportunity to learn French to obtain a B2 level at the end of the program. ITC will be Cambodia’s first school to offer a French degree within the national territory, making it more appealing to both Cambodian students and those from neighboring countries. 

The program’s goal is to enroll 25 students the first yearand 40 for the years to follow. Some of these students will even be able to get scholarships to study to France. The program will also host students from France willing to study in Cambodia.  

Addressing Industry 4.0 education issues 

The program is particularly designed to address developing markets confronted with increased industrial production that must comply with sustainable development requirements. This master aims to meet the needs of Industry 4.0 in Cambodia and South-East Asia by training students to incorporate digital technology into the manufacturing and logistics management processes (digitalized innovation, mechatronics, supply chain and logistics) based on a circular economy approach with minimal environmental and social impac(raw materials, energy, water, waste and by-products). 

Dominated until recent years by textiles industry, Cambodia’s economy is now geared towards the manufacturing sector. However, education remains a persistent problem in Cambodia, and companies often find it difficult to recruit well trained staff. This new master will anticipate the need for high-level engineers and executives, able to lead the manufacturing sector towards the 4th Industrial Revolution with a special focus on preserving resources of the Kingdom.” Victor Vithy,Managing Director, DBD Engineering 

Confluences and ECAM partnership   

Despite Covidthe context of global trade acceleration and ASEAN regional integration of Cambodia is still a tangible reality. Acting as a natural gateway to the Cambodian and SEA markets, Confluences is assisting ECAM Lasalle in positioning and marketing the leading French Engineering French Graduate School in the higher education market of the Kingdom.  

Promoting the double curriculum amongst Khmer and ASEAN students, establishing bridges between ECAM Lasalle with the Cambodian higher education ecosystem are amongst Confluences’ priorities.   

“ECAM’s vision is to help make the world more humane, responsible and sustainable through education, science and technology. We are particularly proud to promote our vision in the Kingdom of Cambodia with the help of Confluences. Sharing the same values with Confluences has made our partnership with Confluences natural and  constructive. Their knowledge and local network and capabilities are doing the rest. Didier Desplanche, Managing Director ECAM Lasalle.  

Helping Foreign and – notably French  private entities entering the market with projects that can benefit Cambodian society is part of Confluences DNA. We are particularly proud to contribute to the development of the higher education landscape in Cambodia with our partnership with ECAM Lasalle. For us, the commitment of Graduate Engineering schools with the caliber of ECAM Lasalle is a strong sign of trust in the country and its future. This new program complements the efforts already made by French institutions to foster cooperation between France and Cambodia. Education, as we know, is a key sector for the future of the country, and it is important that private actors also take part in its development. Lily , COO, Confluences.  

About ECAM Lasalle 

Founded in 1900, ECAM Lasalle is recognized as one of the finest Graduate Engineering School in France (ranked 2nd private engineer school in 2020 by L’Etudiant). The school is part of the Grandes Ecoles curriculum 

Its program offers candidates the opportunity to graduate in five years with a dual degree: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering degree and an MSc from a partner university in the student’s chosen field of specialization. Enrolled students benefit from teams of professor-researchers covering all engineering sciences, a cross-educational research laboratory, a branch offering expertises and continuing education for companies, as well as an incubator for start-ups with strong technological potential.  

  • 7500 Alumni 
  • 1,900 students

More about ECAM Lasalle

About Confluences 

Led  by  a  French-Cambodian  team  with  more than 15  years  of  experience  in  the  Kingdom of Cambodia, Confluences’ mission is to facilitate and accelerate the growth of entrepreneurial and corporate  projects  in  the fast developing markets of Cambodia and Southeast Asia.   

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