Aside from our diverse network of experts, professionals, officials and external consultants, Confluences retains a small group of consultants with direct and extensive experience of the local context. Confluences Consulting offers six poles of support, in particular:

With almost two decades of experience building and expanding businesses in the region, Confluences understands individual companies’ needs, how they can promote their positions in Cambodian and Southeast Asian markets, and can provide them with or direct them to the tools and services they need in order to do so.

From the initial market and demand access analysis all the way to product launch and securing the right personnel, Confluences accompanies its clients every step of the way.

Our qualified consultants and market experts assist our clients and partners in all of their pre- and post-investment choices in ASEAN markets with specific advice that is uniquely adapted to their needs.

In the pre-investment phase, we assist with identifying opportunities, evaluation of investment projects, conduct diligence provide advice on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development and technical assistance in complying with legal formalities.

In the post-investment phase, we provide support for implementing a values charter and ethics framework, adequate governance mechanisms, a CSR and sustainable development management plan, refinement of strategic positions and natural advantage, and implementation of strategic follow-up mechanisms.

Confluences operates a full-service business incubator housing a vibrant community of entrepreneurs who are working on industry-changing technologies. Our team is passionate about helping companies to commercialize, scale, and succeed in competitive markets. We aim to contribute to the development of a thriving and sustainable regional economy driven by innovative local entrepreneurs and a competitive start-up ecosystem.

Confluences conducts qualitative and quantitative surveys, studies and analyses, including statistical and socioeconomic analyses. We have provided assistance in public sector development projects, including analysis of legal and regulatory frameworks and providing recommendations for change. We have also worked on ICT projects with the ICT Integration Council, optimising productivity in the public sector.

It is not enough for companies to deliver shareholder, customer and employee satisfaction, to be really noticed they need to demonstrate a wider positive impact. Done properly and in accordance with the company’s own principles, this can create a range of positive outcomes for the company. Confluences consultants have been helping companies to do better for almost 20 years.