Interview with Mathis Lucas – French Tech Cambodia

French Tech Cambodia has just obtained its label alongside 13 French Tech capitals, and 86 other communities including 48 abroad. Today we ask Mathis Lucas, who from our incubator, coordinates the activities of the Frennch Tech in Cambodia

April 05, 2019

Mathis Lucas

Mathis, can you introduce yourself ?

My name is Mathis Lucas, I am 21 years old. Coming from France, I am currently studying in a communication and marketing school (ISCOM). I arrived in Cambodia in February, as the coordinator of the French Tech Cambodia.

Can you explain in what the « French Tech Cambodia » consists in ?

The French Tech Cambodia – Phnom Penh is a community of french entrepreneurs launched in 2015. The goal was to create a dynamic within the French startups in Cambodia, developing a local and regional network and at the same time to complete an already dynamic ecosystem. Till recently we were not really structured, everything was done by companies or people who did volunteer to develop our community, and a lot has been achieved Notably engaging a very promising dialogue with the other actors of the local digital ecosystem and the local authorities like the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

We count as members both startups that are already successful in the market, and others that are at a earlier stage of their development. We also have a media, an incubator, and we a few consulting agencies and investment funds.

At our scale, our small community is very complete and well locally integrated. The recently -held event Digital Cambodia proved it, we had our own French Tech booth, and we did organize our own round table which allowed to four of our startups to pitch in front of the audience. Our members are more and more noticeable, the last Startup & Angels has been a good example of this exposure.

The FTC just had been officially recognized by the French government, what is going to change ?

We did get this label through a great team work, and we  are very proud today to join 47 other cities in France and also in other countries under this same “Community French Tech” brand. It will certainly help  us locally. We hope to raise more funding for our activities by soliciting our members but also sponsors. A lot has been done without any budget so we can surely make great things with a bit more money in ! It’s is promising. Internationally, we shall now be invited to all the international events organized or joined by the French Tech. A first rendez-vous is in next May in France, when we plan to send a delegation to the first French Tech Community Summit in Paris.

What is the plan for the upcoming months ?

Since the beginning of the year we did reorganize regular events under two formats. The « French Tech Connect » events  are purely networking very casual events, where memers and sympathizers can meet and exchange ideas and projects. We plan to hold them every two months. Then we have the « French Tech Talks », it’s a bigger format with speakers. Our plan is to host a delegation from the French Tech Vietnam delegation for a first event and then send a delegation with our startups to Ho Chi Minh city to introduce them to the Vietnamese market. We have done this last year with the Thai and it was very successful. We hope to be able to give more details on this dual event soon. And we also plan to have a big “French Tech Talk” at the end of the year.

We are mainly working from Confluences, tell us more about this incubator ?

Confluences and its team has been since the beginning among the leaders of the French Tech Cambodia. There is already four startups hosted on the spot, and this incubator is really well connected to the French Tech ecosystem worldwide, and the tech scene in Cambodia as well.It creates a real dynamic working environment, and give me access to a very large network of companies and people. Add to that a very nice atmosphere and it’s obvious that I couldn’t get better conditions to succeed my mission.

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