Women’s forum for the Economy & Society

Lily Hé, our incubator’s coordinator, joined the Cambodian delegation to the Women’s forum for the Economy and Society held this year in Singapore. 

September 13, 2018

All Team Confluences is very proud that our very own Lily, coordinator at our incubator, is part of the first Cambodian delegation sent to the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society held this week in Singapore. The Cambodian delegation is led by H.E. Dr Ing Kantha Phavi, Ministry of Women’s affairs and Ms Eva Nguyen-Binh, French Ambassador to Cambodia.

Women’s Forum Singapore goal is to express a clear, action-oriented vision based on four central pillars:

  • Shaping lives and leadership through innovation
  • Embracing diversity for inclusive prosperity
  • Driving towards equality and empowerment
  • Creating the conditions for resilience and stability

Thus, workshops, networking and conferences were set up and moderated by lot of famous speakers.

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