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Our residents

Our residents

Confluences is a big family whose strength lies in its diversity and love of entrepreneurship. We are the home to a number of startups, entrepreneurs, business developers, IT experts and designers as well as local and international interns seeking to make their mark in Cambodia and beyond.


Digital Services

Rodolphe Richard


Mesar Pheat

IT Consultant

Sreynich Sim

IT Consultant

Mike Vongskyeo

Project Manager


Diagnostic In Vitro

Sokkhieng Mao

Business manager

Last2ticket Asia

Booking Platform

Charlotte Piffard

Sales Marketing Manager

Romane Cayuela

Sales & technical support

Sreyneath Reth

Accountant and administration


3D Printing

Martin Lansard


Steve Noble

Head of Content

Alban Sagot

Web Developper

2 L’Eau Protection

Flooding and Pollution Protection

Lorraine May

Project Manager

Ambiance Signature Asia

Scent Marketing

Alban Arnaud

Country Manager

Maxime Roussillon


Danit Van

Executive Assistant

Green Yellow

Clean Energy Solutions

Raphaël Beton

Business Development Manager

Kanida Tang

Assistant project and development

Chhunheng Lao

Project Engineer

Legrand Cambodia

Electrical and Digital Building Infrastructures

Sylvain Gamard

Country Manager

Davin Van

Assistant Office Manager

Dina Thorn

Sales Technical Support Engineer

Taha Bennis

Manager of Sales and Marketing

Simili Consulting

translation agencies specialized in Asian languages

Adrien Medeville


Sovannrithyear Chea

Administrative assistant

Shades Asia

Construction Materials

Sébastien Mezailles

Phoenix Voyages

Tour Operator

David Cordier

Country Manager

Fair Farms

Organic Farm

Norbert Binot

CEO and Founder


Individual Air-Pollution Protection

Veasna Srey


Lactalis International

Food Industry

Charly Guillo

Country Manager

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