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Whether it’s the startups in our incubator or our team members, Confluences often finds its way into the news, making waves and making headlines. Scroll down to see what’s being said in the media about our family.

Phnom Penh’s Startup Scene is Gaining Traction

Cathay Pacific Magazine –  August 13, 2019

Co-working spaces and incubators have allowed serious startup projects to develop in the capital city of Cambodia. Phnom Penh’s startup scene is now attracting more and more investors. Discover who are the main actors behind this:

Our Admin Manager, Lily He Interviewed by Cambodge Mag

Cambodge Mag –  August 8, 2019

Our very popular Lily He, now Admin Manager at Confluences, was interviewed by Cambodge Mag. It was an opportunity to share about her work experience at Confluences, her engagement with France Alumni Cambodia’s network, her childhood in Lyon and her plan to start a business.

Read more at the following link (article in French):

Belaws Enters Local Market

Khmer Times –  August 1, 2019

“Our presence in neighbouring countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore will help Cambodian companies to rationalise their expansion and operation costs abroad. Thanks to our partnership with the market entry and incubator firm Confluences, foreign companies wishing to invest in Cambodia will benefit from a single point of entry” Vincent Birot, co-founder of Belaws, the first Legal Tech startup to enter the Cambodian market.

ក្រុមហ៊ុន២សហការគ្នាផ្ដល់សេវាកម្មផ្នែកច្បាប់ និងសេវាកម្មដទៃទៀត ដល់អ្នកជំនួញដែលគ្រោងមកវិនិយោគនៅកម្ពុជា

Fresh News Asia –  17 July 2019

Confluences and Belaws have teamed up to provide legal services for foreign companies who plan to invest in Cambodia.

Confluences announced their new venture with Belaws

Geeks In Cambodia –  19 July 2019

Confluences announced their new venture with Belaws on July 17 at a ceremony at the Confluences incubator, formalizing the LegalTech startup’s expansion into the Cambodian market!

ម្ចាស់ក្រុមហ៊ុនបរទេសពីររូប​ថា មករកស៊ីនៅស្រុកខ្មែរពោរពេញដោយឱកាស ស្រួលជាងនៅថៃវៀតណាមឆ្ងាយ

Business Cambodia –  7 May 2019

“Two foreign businessmen came to Cambodia to find more convenient opportunities in Thailand and Vietnam”

Aniwaa, our resident startup, and Meal Temple, our friends with La French Tech Cambodge Phnom Penh, explain why they choose Cambodia over Thailand and Vietnam.

Aniwaa, a French startup exiled in Cambodia

Siècle Digital –  23 April 2019

Discover the interview of our incubate Martin Lansard, co-founder of Aniwaa, with the Siecle Digital.

French Tech Podcast

FrenchTech Asia Pacific Podcast –  29 May 2019

Our managing partner has been interviewed by the FrenchTech Asia Pacific Podcast on why French startups should enter the Cambodian market as part of their Asean effort.

Listen to the full episode here

The State Of Virtual Reality In Cambodia

VR Focus –  6 November 2018

“Guest writer Martin Lansard, CEO of Cambodia-based firm Aniwaa explains how VR is playing a role in a country determined to move forward.”

The Virtual Reality in Cambodia

Why I don’t regret running my startup from Cambodia

Tech in Asia –  22 October 2018

“The startup scene in Cambodia has begun to flourish. Internet and mobile penetration are high and the country is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for startup entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads.”

Kampot Jewels: Norbert Binot

Green is the New Black Asia –  20 September 2018

“I think we can call it “farm-ily…”

Echelon 2018 — Reflections from the Cambodian Delegation

Geeks in Cambodia –  14 September 2018

“This year Cambodian startups experienced E27’s “Top 100 qualifiers” event for the first time in the Kingdom, as they vied for a spot at the annual Echelon tech summit in Singapore.” Our startup Last2ticket Asia, represented by Ms Pauline Coupez, attended the annual Echelon Tech summit in Singapore

Digital Ticketing in Cambodia

Geeks in Cambodia – 20 August 2019

Getting a ticket for an event in Cambodia has long been something of a challenge. The lines before international football matches, outside the small ticket booth at the Olympic Stadium, clearly highlight the state of things — last minute, cash based, and rather chaotic…

Meet Martin Lansard: the founder of Aniwaa

Digital Media – 10 July 2018

In our Digital Nomads Interviews series we feature interviews with digital nomads and nomads entrepreneurs with interesting profiles, from all over the world. We hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire us! This week, we talked to Martin Lansard, co-founder and CEO at, a comparison engine and trusted…

Martin Lansard (Mr Aniwaa) is listed by Southeast Asia Globe among the top ten entrepreneurs to watch in Cambodia !

Southeast Asia Globe – 27 May 2018

“Reared at EDHEC Business School in France, Martin Lansard kicked off his career in 2010 working in advertising and marketing for Google. During his time with the tech giant, his best friend and now business partner introduced him to 3D printing…”

With SADIF, Morakot seeks new markets

Khmer Times — 22 December 2017

<p align=”justify” >Morakot Technology’s CEO Khuon Sophorth is very proud of his company. As Cambodia’s premier all-in-one tech solution for Cambodian financial institutions, his software offers an efficient and inexpensive tool with which companies can work with. It was recently selected as one of the first three digital start-ups to receive coveted…</p>


ActivArmor and Aniwaa Both Receive Funding to Further 3D Printing Businesses — 15 December 2017

The worst part about breaking a bone is the pain and bodily damage. The second worst part is the inconvenience of having to wear a cast, and one of the problems with a traditional plaster cast is that it can’t get wet, which means no swimming and awkwardly wrapping a plastic bag around it in order to take a shower. Recently, a company…

Aniwaa seeking to build on success with SADIF funding

Khmer Times –15 December 2017

When navigating new technology and territory, building a strong business quickly can sometimes be a hurdle for start-ups, but one Phnom Penh based company has overcome challenges to become a market leader. And now, with help from the Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (“SADIF”), it hopes to become even bigger and better.

Return to the Future : Monita interview

Magazine Latitudes — 15 December 2017

“Insider chat with Monita To, a young Khmer Business Developer finds new opportunities in Cambodian, a country that often looks like a vast startup by itself…”

Memories in Motion: Cambodia’s Royal Ballet returns

Khmer Times — 8 December 2017

The Royal Ballet of Cambodia is set to return to Phnom Penh in for its second season next month, after a highly successful series of sold-out shows last year.“In response to the high demand, we have decided to stage three public performances on January 12 and 13 next year,” said the director of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia, Prince Sisowath Tesso,…

Tourism startups look for inroads

Phnom Penh Post — 7 December 2017

Four international startups selected by a regional program aimed at capitalising on the Kingdom’s booming tourism market have begun scouting out Cambodia’s largest cities looking for ways to expand.The Mekong Innovative Startup Tourism (MIST) platform, operated by the Mekong Business Initiative (MBI), partnered with Cambodian business development firm Confluences Asia to lead tours…

Smart to focus on digital mindset

Khmer Times — 24 November 2017

Smart Axiata, the leading mobile telecommunications company in Cambodia, joined forces with other companies of the Axiata Group across Asia, to launch Digital Jam, a programme whose core function is to further employees’ skills…

Meet the 3 Cambodian startups receiving investments from Smart Axiata fund — 23 November 2017

Joonaak, Morakot and Aniwaa will receive between US$25,000 and US$500,000 in investment from Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund. Cambodian mobile telecom company Smart Axiata has announced the three startups to receive investment from its US$5 million Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund(SADIF).

Asia tech news round-up

Tech in Asia — 22 November 2017

Smart Axiata reveals first startups to get investment from its new VC fund (Cambodia). Delivery and logistics company Joonak Delivery, cloud software provider Morakot Technology, and 3D printer comparison site Aniwaa will each receive between US$25,000 and US$500,000 from the Cambodian telco’s US$5 million venture fund.

MBI programme fosters ag startups

Phnom Penh Post — 17 November 2017

The Mekong Business Initiative (MBI) launched a new startup accelerator programme aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of the agriculture sector in the Mekong region, with specific focuses on international companies eyeing expansion…

The 3D printing watchdogs

Phnom Penh Post — 20 November 2017

A nascent industry in Cambodia, 3D printing has been adopted by numerous technologically advanced companies for producing prototypes. The Post’s Robin Spiess sat with Martin Lansard, CEO and co-founder of Aniwaa, to discuss 3D printing as an industry and its possible future impacts in the Kingdom.

Smart Axiata announces the first three investees of its digital innovation fund

Southeast Asia Globe — 15 November 2017

Cambodian telecommunications provider Smart Axiata has unveiled the first three startups to receive investment through its $5m Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (Sadif), investments that Smart CEO Thomas Hundt said demonstrated the company was “at the forefront of digitising Cambodia”.

Fintech experts to discuss the future of finance in Phnom Penh

Southeast Asia Globe – 26 September 2017

Sponsored: Inspire Asean brings together leading voices from successful fintech startups in Southeast Asia to share their insights and industry forecasts.Inspire Asean is back on 29 Septemberat Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra for an afternoon of presentations, exchanges and networking.

Three must-see industry leaders at Inspire Asean

Southeast Asia Globe — 27 June 2017

 On 30 June, Inspire Asean’s popular business networking lunch returns to Phnom Penh with an exciting lineup of speakers sharing their insights on the ever-changing digital landscape. With social media rising to become the top channel…

Bringing startups to Cambodia

Phnom Penh Post — 24 April 2017

Confluences Asia, a Cambodia-based consulting and advisory firm, recently helped launch its second startup in Cambodia with Portuguese e-ticketing firm Last2Ticket. The Post’s Matthieu de Gaudemar sat down with Soreasmey Ke Bin, managing director of Confluences, to discuss the Kingdom’s appeal…

Business Incubator launches startup Cambodia

Phnom Penh Post — 1 February 2017

Confluences Asia, a local business development and consulting firm, launched its first startup in Cambodia yesterday as part of an incubation program aimed at supporting European businesses in the region by providing…

Launch of La French Tech Cambodge

Khmer Dev — October 2015

La French Tech is an international network of French innovative start-ups whose purpose is to promote the French know-how, innovation and expertise. It brings together start-ups as well as entrepreneurs, investors or research institutes. La French Tech undertakes to ensure the growth and the international prestige of French start-ups…

An elephantine overhaul

Phnom Penh Post — 13 June 2015

Raffles Le Royal’s Elephant Bar has been the sumptuous kingpin of Phnom Penh’s up-market watering holes ever since its post-Khmer Rouge reopening in 1997. But after 18 years of being frequented for its heritage and its generous happy hour…

IN / ON and its main architect Romain Brenas were hosted at Confluences till the agency’s closure in April 2017.