Soreasmey KE BIN


Confluences-founder Soreasmey is an entrepreneur to the bone.

Of joint French and Cambodian heritage, Soreasmey was born and raised in Lyon where he completed separate Masters in International Management and Defence & International Security before taking the decision in 2002 to join his father here in Cambodia. Since then, he has been able to experience the country as both an explorer and a leader, building his own companies and guiding others as they build theirs. Relying on the experience gained through developing a diverse range of brand distribution, media, IT, marketing and communications companies, Soreasmey founded Confluences in 2014 with the aim of using his knowledge to provide support to other local and foreign companies seeking to establish or expand in Cambodia and its neighbouring countries.

Soreasmey involves himself in all aspects of his work, and beyond. Having worked his way up, he has come to understand the value of “inside-out” knowledge of every level of business. Beyond his own enterprises, he has also worked as a political consultant and has a long-standing engagement with the French Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Cambodia (CCIFC), of which he is currently serving a second term as Vice-president for the second term. He is the co-founder of French Tech Cambodia, and Asia delegate for the Francophone Business Forum. From 2010 to 2017, he was the President of Anvaya, an organisation created to bring together Cambodian returnees.

Soreasmey speaks fluent Khmer, French and English.