Sustainable city conference

March 26, 2019

In the context of the « Quinzaine Française » in Phnom Penh, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cambodia organizes the second edition of the sustainable city conference. With an urban population that should double by 2030, the current challenges, such as the pollution or car traffic, continue to grow and will lead to new needs.

Integration of new neighbours to the existing urban fabric, public transports, water management, air quality analysis, appear among the topics discussed during the round tables of this conference held in French with translation in English and Khmer.

Our Confluences Team was present at the Sustainable city conference organized by the CCI France-Cambodia today in Phnom Penh. The representatives of our different Confluences’ departments but also of our incubator’s companies : Green yellow, 2 l’Eau Protection and Platform Invest in Impact were there in the audience but also on stage : Eric Mouset and Raphael Beton !


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