Confluences Trading

Launched in 2016 to support the growing demand of companies in Cambodia, Confluences Trading provides European industrial equipment and solutions to the local market.

We work with our partners at every stage of market penetration from their first entry all the way to developing long-term sales strategies. Since that launch, we have been developing strong partnerships with global industry and construction market leaders such as Gerflor, Desautel, and Labaronne Citaf, and have gained the trust of professionals in Cambodia who rely on us to source their needs for high-quality, high-standard products and materials. Our strength come not just from the international relationships that we have developed but also from our understanding of the local market and the specific needs of the industry and construction sectors here. We work on small, medium and large-scale projects, such as condos, hotels, resorts, international schools, refineries and international airports, with the same commitment, awareness and technical expertise.